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Innovative and rapid product development (RPD) is critical for the success of any manufacturer. Our clients are continually looking to innovate and produce better or new products, at lower cost, and often with fewer or alternative raw materials. This must all be achieved while still adhering to existing manufacturing constraints.

ProSensus’ approach to rapid product development utilizes existing experimental data, multivariate modeling, and constrained optimization to help you reach your desired product faster. Our innovative methodology allows manufacturers to simultaneously optimize the selection of raw materials, recipe formulations and manufacturing conditions to reach targeted product properties.

Rapid Product Development Our Approach

Our Approach

Our clients get ahead of the competition by arriving at product development targets faster with our proven approach.

  1. Setting up and maintaining useful databases
  2. Building latent variable models
  3. Designing future experiments
  4. Model optimization for product development
  5. Providing custom software solutions

Proven Results

See how we’ve applied our approach to help clients solve complex product development challenges.

  • Rapid Product Development of Polyolefins

    Rapid Product Development of Polyolefins

    Multivariate analysis (MVA) is a powerful tool that leading polyolefin companies use to gain powerful insights into their process and advance their product development efforts. ProSensus has the experience and expertise to build a global multi-block model that represents your entire process from start to end. Read More
  • Rapid Product Development of Bioplastics

    Rapid Product Development of Bioplastics

    With sustainability and environmental responsibility high on the priority list of many of today’s businesses, bioplastics are receiving much attention. Estimated at US $17 billion in 2017, the global bioplastics market is expected to reach US $44 billion by 2023. ProSensus tackled the product development challenge of aiming to select the necessary blending ratios and process conditions to achieve target thermoplastic material properties in the final product while minimizing raw material costs. Read More
  • Formulation of Smart Biocompatible Polymers

    Formulation of Smart Biocompatible Polymers

    ProSensus has worked with McMaster researchers and applied a multivariate model-based approach to the formulation of smart, biocompatible polymers for eye injections. Multivariate analysis was performed on available data from 23 initial polymer formulations that failed to meet the design criteria. Read More
  • Finding the Formula for Success

    Finding the Formula for Success

    Our published case study outlines how our rapid product development framework was used to reformulate several muffin products for PepsiCo Foods. Initially, PepsiCo wanted to investigate a specific attribute across 26 flavours of muffins and reformulate according to the results. By including all of the muffin formulas together in one model, ProSensus not only determined which were the key ingredients but also achieved a common platform for designing and evaluating new formulas. The next time PepsiCo Foods wanted to reformulate muffins (to different design criteria), the model helped them get there in just two iterations. Read More Read More
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