Multi-Camera System for In-line Food Safety Verification

Camera-based systems are rapidly becoming the new standard in state-of-the-art process monitoring. Such advanced vision systems enable manufacturers to stay competitive in their field while coping with the tight quality assurance limits. ProSensus has recently worked with a global food manufacturer and developed a customized camera system to monitor specific quality attributes of their final product. ProSensus combined a thermal camera with a colour camera and provided a real-time measurement of critical operating parameters including product temperature, temperature distribution, hot and cold spots, and product appearance. The measurements are critical food safety quality parameters and provide a continuous rather than an intermittent lab measurement.

In line inspection food safety

ProSensus offers complete customization of machine vision solutions including: camera selection, control panels, NEMA 4X enclosures (to house and protect the camera with the proper lighting, as shown below), and operator display screens. ProSensus’ turnkey solution for this vegetable product manufacturer allows continuous monitoring of the critical parameters using a customized software that was configured to:

Camera Enclosure


  • Acquire and display the camera images
  • Image analytics for key features
  • Level 1/ Level 2 integration for alarming
  • Trending of the temperature features and operating limits for each line based on historical measurements




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