3 Ways Multivariate Analysis Will Help Your Business

Multivariate analysis reduces product & process data to its essential dimensions which are much easier to visualize and interpret.

1. Develop New Products Faster

In research & development, multivariate analysis can help you:

  • Formulate novel, next-generation products
  • Establish technical feasibility early in the product development process
  • Identify which raw materials have the biggest impact on product performance
  • Reformulate existing products for lower price points
  • Qualify new suppliers or raw materials

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2. Improve Product Quality

In manufacturing, multivariate analysis can help you:

  • Find root causes for process and product quality problems
  • Identify bad batches of raw materials before they enter the process
  • Identify which process conditions have the biggest impact on product quality
  • Optimize a process with respect to product quality and efficiency
  • Distinguish visual defects and subtle variations in products
  • Develop and deploy a soft sensor for difficult-to-measure product attributes
  • Make mid-batch adjustments to ensure product quality

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3. Mine Valuable Insights From Data You're Already Collecting

Multivariate analysis will help your statisticians, scientists, and engineers:

  • Extract insights from data being collected in manufacturing and R&D, even when data has missing values and variables are highly correlated
  • Analyze data from batch trajectories
  • Implement multivariate SPC for continous processes and batch processes
  • Implement mid-batch multivariate monitoring and control

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