Multivariate Courses and the Data Economy


Our spring multivariate analysis courses in Florida were a resounding success. Companies in the chemical, steel, paint, food, and automation industries came out to learn how to use multivariate analysis to improve product quality & develop new products faster.

Michael Dell says we’re in a data economy and data is arguably the most important natural resource of this century. Dell uncovered $310 million in additional revenue last year using advanced analytics. But what about the cost side of the balance sheet? We’ve shown time and time again that multivariate analysis helps companies uncover hidden insights in their manufacturing data so they can improve product quality, which in turn saves costly rework, scrap, and keeps customers happy.

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Why Dell Acquired StatSoft: A multivariate perspective

Dell StatSoft ProSensus partnership

Dell's recent acquisition of StatSoft reinforces the growing acknowledgement that advanced data analytics are essential in today's complex world. Matt Wolken, VP of Dell Software's information management group described the move as "the latest step in a long-term and still-ongoing plan to assemble a compelling collection of data and information managment capabilities."

Companies who harness and learn from their data will gain a competitive advantage

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Industrial Process Data: Is it Big Data?

Everybody’s talking about Big Data, but do they really know what Big Data is, and are they using it to solve real problems and gain a competitive advantage? Do they even have a strategy to implement Big Data? The Wall Street Journal says that for many companies, it’s all hype.

ProSensus clients are different.

You’re looking for actionable insights in your data, no matter what the current buzzword – and we’re here to find those insights, so you can improve product quality, impress your customers, and save money.

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Multivariate Analysis: Behind The Scenes In The Automotive Industry

multivariate analysis automotive

The North American International Auto Show in Detroit is marking their 25th anniversary in 2014 and it’s expected to be even "bigger, brighter and better" than last year. As manufacturers from around the world unveil their new vehicles with more than 800,000 people in attendance, will ProSensus be there?

Let’s just say we won't be exhibiting a concept car that runs on statistics, but our multivariate analysis technology goes into formulating and manufacturing many automotive inputs to improve product quality starting with steel, aluminum and rubber, to paints, adhesives and even engine oils and transmission fluids.

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Achieving 20/20 Vision with Multivariate Analysis

Achieving 20/20 Vision with Multivariate AnalysisWhile I was in graduate school at McMaster University, a friend of mine was working on a challenging goal - creating a biocompatible smart polymer that was responsive to both temperature and light. Specifically, it needed to be a liquid at room temperature, form a gel upon being injected into the eye, and then doctors needed to be able to tune its pore size (to control release of the drug in the polymer) by subjecting it to UV light. This was a challenging combination of polymer properties to achieve since the light-sensitive monomer was inherently insoluble. My friend's desk was piled high with annotated journal papers on smart polymer formulations that she was using as her basis for experimentation.

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How To Build A Multivariate Snowman

multivariate snowmanFor those of you who received our holiday greetings, you might be wondering how we built this multivariate snowman in ProMV. This snowman is a sneak peek at some of the plot annotation capabilities we are building for the next release of ProMV. Stay tuned! Even if you don't intend to build a snowman, these annotation tools will come in handy as you write reports and presentations to share your multivariate analysis results with others.

And, if you're wondering how we came up with a data set for his eyes, nose and smile - well, that's just a bit of ProSensus Christmas magic.

Happy Holidays!

IFPAC 2014: Model-Based Control For Fed-Batch Cell Cultures

IFPAC 2014In the BioTech – I section of IFPAC 2014 (January 23rd, morning session), ProSensus president Dr. John F. MacGregor and Dr. Gene Schaefer, senior director of large molecule API development at Janssen will be presenting an overview and early results of a collaborative project between ProSensus, Janssen, the FDA, and NIST. The project aims to demonstrate model-predictive control, monitoring, and optimization of a fed-batch monoclonal antibody (mAb) process, using multivariate (latent-variable) models.

  • This project is the first of its kind in terms of taking online multivariate analysis all the way to model-based closed-loop control for fed-batch cell cultures.

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Enterprise-Wide Multivariate Analysis, Monitoring and Control

enterprise wide multivariateProSensus has teamed up with two industry leaders, Capstone Technology and StatSoft, to bring to our customers a comprehensive offering of multivariate analysis tools that can be deployed across a corporate enterprise both offline and online.

Today, we are officially announcing our collaboration with StatSoft, and it’s truly a win-win. This collaboration expands our reach across the globe, and gives users of STATISTICATM a clear path forward for implementing their multivariate analysis models online, for process monitoring and control.

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ProSensus & Capstone: Comprehensive Real Time Analytics

Capstone ProSensus partnership 2

ProSensus is pleased to announce that we have joined forces with Capstone Technology Corporation to bring the power of multivariate batch analysis, monitoring and control into Capstone's proven platform for data capture, visualization, and notification.

The need for multivariate analysis in batch processes is well established, and Capstone's PARCview system, as part of our ProBatch products, provides this analysis in real time, enabling operators and engineers to make informed decisions based on accessible, complete information.

With this collaboration, ProSensus and Capstone have created a unique suite that fundamentally streamlines the process by which batch data is collected, analyzed, and brought online for batch monitoring and batch control.

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ProSensus Knows Batches: Batch Analysis In A Nutshell

batch nutshellcoverimage 2ProSensus understands batches: We have analyzed over 50 different batch processes, and have tackled many complex issues with regards to data organization, alignment, analysis, monitoring, prediction, optimization and control.

A batch process is any process with a start and end point and some time evolution of the variables in between. Data from batch processes is more complex to analyze than data from continuous processes due to the time evolution aspect. Batch trajectory data has 3 dimensions (the number of batches, the number of variables and the number of time points in each batch) and must be unfolded into 2 dimensions prior to analysis. Furthermore, some batches take less time to complete due to raw material variations, environmental and equipment factors. Therefore the batch trajectory data needs to be properly aligned to facilitate a meaningful analysis.

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ProSensus: Celebrating Our History

JohnBirthdayGroup resizedProSensus was founded by Dr. John F. MacGregor to further develop his 35 years of research into advanced multivariate analysis solutions for industrial problems. This month, we're celebrating John's birthday, his many accomplishments and the recognition he has received from industry and academia.

Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research journal has produced a Festschrift (celebration publication) in honour of Dr. MacGregor's profound influence in several areas of chemical engineering, especially in multivariate analysis: 

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