Free Seminar - Understanding Key Process Relationships Using MVA

Understanding Key Process Relaitonships Using MVA Free Seminar

Join ProSensus founder, and multivariate pioneer, Dr. John F. MacGregor for a free 1 day course on how to get actionable insights from your historical process data. In participation with Aspen Technology Inc., ProSensus will demonstrate how multivariate data analysis (MVA) and Aspen ProMV can be used to

  • Improve understanding of key process relationships
  • Troubleshoot and correct recurring process problems
  • Optimize process performance

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Preventing Unplanned Shutdowns using Multivariate Data Analysis

preventing unplanned shutdowns

Unplanned shutdowns can have a significant impact on your business. Almost every plant loses at least 5% of its productive capacity from downtime, and many lose up to 20%1. Of the manufacturers that estimate their downtime, they usually underestimate the total downtime cost (TDC) by 200 – 300%1.

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Optimize your Processes and Products at CSP 2017

optimize your process products at csp 2017

Join us at the Conference on Statistical Practice (CSP) 2017, February 23rd – 25th, in Jacksonville, Florida. CSP provides participants with opportunities to learn new statistical methodologies and best practices to solve real world problems. ProSensus founder, Dr. John MacGregor will be presenting a talk on how multivariate data analysis can be used to optimize processes and products using historical data.

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The Road Forward for ProSensus and Process Improvement

IP Aquisition Image

ProSensus helps manufacturers leverage their industrial Big Data to improve product quality and process efficiency. We do this by using multivariate data analysis to establish the underlying relationship from raw materials and process conditions to final product quality, and yield. Our approach has been guided by ProSensus founder Dr. John F. MacGregor, a pioneer in the field of Multivariate Analysis (MVA). Over the years, because of a void in the market place, we developed a suite of software solutions that allowed us to analyze data using MVA. We developed a mature solution for desktop MVA, and our approach to Multivariate Statistical Process Control (MSPC), and Advanced Process Control (APC) for batch processes was unrivaled.

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Gain New Process Insights and Prevent Costly Disruptions Using Machine Vision

Get New Process Insights Prevent Process Disruptions

Are you getting costly complaints from your customers or do you need to measure new quality attributes to prevent process disruptions? Whether it is related to visible features, performance attributes, ratios or blends of your product or other characteristics, our machine vision systems can help. Our solutions not only offer 100% inspection that can prevent complaints, but the quality parameters logged will help you gain new insights and even tune your process to reduce off-spec production.

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New Features in ProMV 16.02 Webinar

yellow-valves process optimizationJoin us for a free 1 hour webinar that will go over the new Model Optimizer feature in the latest release or ProMV (16.02). Using the new Model Optimizer tool you can:

•  Optimize process quality, yield or productivity using models built entirely on historical data without the need for invasive designed experiments.
•  Specify target value (e.g., quality), maximize (e.g. yield, productivity) or minimize (e.g., energy consumption) for each x- or y-variable.
•  Specify real-world upper and lower bounds for x- or y-variables and known values for measured disturbance variables.
•  Easily compare optimized results with historical data to determine if additional bounds need to be specified.
•  Export optimized results to Excel to share with formulators, operators, and management.

The webinar will be presented by ProSensus CTO Dr. Mark-John Bruwer. During his time at ProSensus he has helped manufactuers in the food & beverage, speciality chemicals, oil & gas and pharmaceutical industries troubleshoot complex process problems using ProMV.

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Getting Started with Real-Time Batch Monitoring and Control


Are you collecting lots of data on your batch processes but not getting the information you need to detect and diagnose process failures? Identifying process failures or process drift early enough could prevent costly re-work or even scrapping batches. We’ve outlined how your historical data can be used for early fault detection so you can improve product quality, increase yield, and reduce operating costs.

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ProMV Webinar - Learning from your Historical Process Data

historical process dataJoin us for a 45 minute webinar on Thursday November 12th at 11 AM EST that will go over how to use  multivariate statistical modelling to help you gain actionable insights from your historical process and lab data. Building a multivariate statistical model of your data in ProMV is a key step in the ProFormulate 5 step framework for rapid product development. ProFormulate is ideal for formulators that are looking to create new products, improve existing products, reformulate with alternative materials, or consolidate products to use fewer materials, and it all begins with analyzing your data in ProMV. 

The webinar will be presented by a senior ProSensus project engineer who has over 7 years of experience helping manufacturers in a wide range of industries including pharmaceutical and speciality chemical learn from their historical data and improve their process efficiences using ProMV.

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New Features in ProMV 15.08 Webinar

Multivariate-Data-Analysis-ProMV-WebinarJoin us for a 30 minute webinar on Wednesday October 7th at 10:00 AM EST that will go over the new features in the latest release or ProMV (15.08) including:

•  NEW custom variable calculator
•  Improved Data Preview
•  NEW Colour by Secondary Visible ID
•  NEW robust confidence limit option for raw batch data
•  NEW pre-processing option using pooled variance

The webinar will be presented by a senior ProSensus project engineer who has  over 7 years of experience helping manufacturers in a wide range of industries including pharmaceutical and speciality chemical improve their operating efficiencies using ProMV. 

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Formulate and Deliver Better Performing Rubber at IEC 2015

deliver better performing rubber

Making the trip down to the International Elastomer Conference (IEC) 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio? The mission for IEC 2015 is to enhance science, technology and business across the evolving elastomeric community. Our advanced machine vision solution for the automatic inspection and quality control of rubber bales (BaleGuard), and the work we've done with Mitsubishi to rapidly develop new and improved elastomers fit well within the mission of the IEC. That is why for the second year in a row we'll be exhibiting BaleGuard and for the first year ever we'll be exhibiting our solution to rapidly develop new elastomers (ProFormulate). Stop by booth 1159 to hear our story, and find out how we can help you make better preforming products. 

Marlene Cardin, BaleGuard Manager, will also be presenting two talks on how we've helped manufacturers just like you employ ProFormulate, and multivariate image analysis to develop, and deliver better products. Read on for complete abstracts and timing for our upcoming talks.

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The Fallacy of the Golden Batch

golden batchOver the years, batch automation has promoted the concept of a Golden Batch: a batch that progresses ideally and gives both excellent yields and final product quality. Once such a dream batch has been made, replication of the “sweet spot” quickly becomes the focus. But replicating the golden batch’s outcome is much more complicated than simply following the same recipe for each batch.

In this blog, we will highlight what we recommend in order to consistently produce high quality batches.

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