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Multivariate Courses and the Data Economy


We just wrapped up our spring multivariate analysis courses in Florida, and they were a resounding success. Companies in the chemical, steel, paint, food, and automation industries came out to learn how to use multivariate analysis to improve product quality & develop new products faster.

Michael Dell says we’re in a data economy and data is arguably the most important natural resource of this century. Dell uncovered $310 million in additional revenue last year using advanced analytics. But what about the cost side of the balance sheet? We’ve shown time and time again that multivariate analysis helps companies uncover hidden insights in their manufacturing data so they can improve product quality, which in turn saves costly rework, scrap, and keeps customers happy.

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Why Dell Acquired StatSoft: A multivariate perspective

Dell StatSoft ProSensus partnership

Dell's recent acquisition of StatSoft reinforces the growing acknowledgement that advanced data analytics are essential in today's complex world. Matt Wolken, VP of Dell Software's information management group described the move as "the latest step in a long-term and still-ongoing plan to assemble a compelling collection of data and information managment capabilities."

Companies who harness and learn from their data will gain a competitive advantage

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